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8 Important Signs That Your Hormones Are Low

How do you know if your estrogen or testosterone level is low?

Look for these signs and symptoms which are common during menopause:

  1. Tired all the time or mid-day slumps.  Lack of energy can be related to both low estrogen and low testosterone levels.

  2. Mood swings.  If you ever had premenstrual mood swings, these were caused by a drop in the estrogen level which happens prior to menstruation.  During menopause, estrogen is chronically low.  Mood swings can also be aggravated by low testosterone levels.

  3. Brain fog.  This is another symptom that is related to both low estrogen and low testosterone levels.

  4. Hot flashes.  This feeling of intense heat involving the face, neck and upper body, lasting for several minutes is related to low estrogen level.  Hot flashes can strike several times throughout the day.

  5. Vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is related to a low estrogen level and can cause pain with intercourse. 
  6. Low sex drive.  Low libido is related to a low testosterone level.  There are few treatment options available for women.

  7. Loss in muscle strength.  It's more difficult to gain muscle and strength during menopause.  These changes are due to a low testosterone level.  
  8. Night sweats.  Night sweats are "the hot flashes of nighttime" and related to a low testosterone level.

The good thing is all of these symptoms are treatable by balancing your hormones. 

For more on how to balance your hormones, schedule a consult by calling 470-336-9616.

I've helped hundreds of women balance their hormones naturally.  

Kirstie Cunningham, MD, FACOG President, Metro Health and Wellness, LLC

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