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Weight Loss Specialist

Metro Health and Wellness LLC

Kirstie Cunningham, MD, FACOG

OB-GYN located in Marietta, GA

Dr. Kirstie Cunningham is a Board Certified physician who sees patients living throughout the Atlanta, Georgia area. At Metro Health and Wellness, the doctor offers medically supervised weight loss plans as well as personal fitness training.

Weight Loss Q&A

Why are Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plans Beneficial?

Medically supervised weight loss plans have built in safeguards that protect the patient from health pitfalls they may come across as they continue on their weight loss journey. Weight loss plans that are supervised by doctors come with a complete physical that allows the doctor to uncover and treat any health problems that may stand in the way of the person losing the weight they need to regain their good health. The doctor can take the state of the patient's health and design a weight loss program that caters to their individual needs. As the woman's needs change, the doctor can adapt the program, allowing the woman to make positive lifestyle changes that will remain in place for several years.

Will Excess Weight Have an Effect on Fertility?

A woman who carries an excessive amount of weight may have trouble getting pregnant. Being overweight can put excess pressure on the ovaries and other reproductive organs preventing them from functioning efficiently. Excess weight can also cause hormones to fluctuate throwing off a woman's monthly cycle. Losing weight is just one option that may improve a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. During a medically supervised weight loss program, the doctor will continually monitor the patient's weight and provide sufficient feedback to help them effectively lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

When Should Unexpected Weight Gain be a Concern?

Women gain and lose a few pounds of weight each week. Many of them don't realize it because the changes are so subtle, they are hard to detect. When a woman begins to put on several pounds a week and doesn't lose noticeable amounts of weight, the doctor may want to check the woman's hormone levels. By performing a complete physical, the doctor may be able to uncover the cause of the weight gain before it progresses too far. Thyroid abnormalities, as well as many other health conditions, may cause unexpected weight gain and can have disastrous effects on a woman's reproductive system.