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I’m Dr. Cunningham, a menopause specialist board certified in OB/GYN and a fellow of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  I’ve helped hundreds of women fix their hot flashes, cure their joint pain, clear their brain fog and restore their energy and libido.  Having been menopausal since my college years, I understand first-hand the frustration of fighting menopausal fatigue, hot flashes and brain fog.  I used to drag myself through the day feeling exhausted, only to collapse in the afternoon, severely hindering my productivity.  I knew I couldn't continue to function that way.   I tried hormone replacement with pills, sprays, creams, patches, and creams but I was always still tired.  Looking for another way to fix my fatigue, I decided to deeply study bio-identical hormone therapy.  Convinced by the health benefits and minimal side effects, I started receiving the therapy - and finally - I had the energy I needed!  The results were so significant that I became certified as a bio-identical hormone doctor.  Now, I have helped hundreds of women just like you conquer fatigue, squelch hot flashes and improve their sex drive naturally and quickly.

Dr. Cunningham is an Atlanta native.  She graduated from Duke University and received her medical degree from Wake Forest University.  In addition, Dr. Cunningham actively teaches the art of OB/GYN and menopause to medical students from Ross University, Washington University and Columbus Central University. 


Are You Suffering From Hot Flashes, Joint Pain, Brain Fog, Low Libido or Low Energy? Not In The Mood Anymore? Or Maybe You Just Don't Feel Like Yourself?
You Can Feel Better Fast! Even If You've Been Told Everything Is Normal

With Dr. Cunningham's expert care, every patient receives a personalized Maximum Vitality Plan (MVP), a roadmap for menopausal transformation, with a guarantee to feel better.

Don't spend another day carrying a fan, or have another night sleeping with one leg out. Don't allow menopause to affect your relationships with loved ones.

Call today to schedule your consult so you can feel like you did when you were younger!




Hormone Therapy Transformations



    Chantel Lee

    "Within a few weeks I noticed major differences. My libido picked up and the brain fog went away. I love that fact that I was losing a lot of weight around my mid-section."


    Claudia Montero

    "When I tell people I'm almost 60 they are amazed and I tell them it's because I've been doing bio-identical hormone treatment for a while...I have lots of energy and I just don't really feel my age. I feel great!"


    Sonya Leach

    "If you haven't had bio-identical hormone therapy done, this is the best thing you can do for your menopausal fatigue, joint pain, brain fog and hot flashes!"

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Body Contouring Transformations

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Early Morning, Late Evening and Weekend Hours Available

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